Everyone always dreams of winning the lottery. Raking in the big money. Splashing out on an expensive car or luxury holiday. For most of us though, it’s just a dream. But for some others, it gets to be a reality. And two lucky individuals within the construction industry are getting to live this dream!

Scott Clydesdale, aged 40, struck the big time by turning £1 into £1.6 million! This was done in only 23 minutes of playing the Sky Vegas game Toy Factory. With the average salary of a builder at around £26,500, it would have taken Scott over sixty years to make the amount of money he won.

Scott revealed: “I’ve never had a holiday before – I’ve not got a passport.” Now though, he has more than enough money to enjoy his first fantastic holiday to Florida. He is also due to get married next year. Consequently, he feels that the money will help out a lot for this.

He admits though: “when you see it on the screen, your heart’s telling you that you’ve won it but your head’s saying something’s going to go wrong.”

Overall, Scott is only the third ever person to win millions via Sky Vegas. The company revealed that he has joined a very “exclusive club.”

This is not the only construction industry millionaire though. John Doherty, a plumber aged 52, won the lottery jackpot of £14 million! Surprisingly though, John was back at work within two days following the big win.

He explained that without work, he would be bored sat at home and instead he wants to “stay grounded.”

He continued: “I really enjoy my work – I’ve been doing it a long time.”

“I’ve got a lot of loyal customers and I don’t want to let them down.”

The plumber stroke a pot of luck in purchasing his ticket though. His wife, Alison, allowed another person go before them in the queue at their local shop. They witnessed her purchase a lucky dip ticket and followed suit, never thinking that this decison would win them a whopping £14 million!

The couple didn’t cash in their winning ticket immediately though. Instead, they hid it and went on a previously booked holiday to Florida. Cashing it in upon their return, they splashed out on a large Dominoes order and a designer hand bag.

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Source: www.thesun.co.uk www.mirror.co.uk