Getting out of bed in the morning is already a mission for most. But in the middle of winter when it’s freezing cold outside, no one wants to leave their cocoon of duvets and warmth.

Then, when you finally get out of bed you know that soon you won’t be able to even feel your own fingers and toes. But there’s nothing you can do about it. If you don’t work, then you won’t get paid. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that you’re properly equipped to work out in this type of weather.

1. Make sure you’re dressed for the day ahead. This will not only help you keep warm but will also help prevent you from falling ill. Try and ensure all of your clothing is both waterproof and wind resistant. Then, underneath this wear thermal layers to help increase and maintain body heat. It may also be useful to bring spare clothing as well. The British weather is unpredictable so there may be the odd spontaneous shower. No one wants to work in drenched clothes, plus, this will only make you even colder. And, of course, ensure that you have gloves.

2. Have regular breaks. This is very important for those working outside as you need frequent breaks from the cold to warm back up again. It is also very important that these breaks are long enough so that you can actually get warm again.

3. Try and eat more. This is important as food fuels your body. Therefore, this can help your body produce further heat to help you get warm again. Instead of eating lots at lunch though, try and eat regularly throughout the day. Also, try and drink hot liquids regularly too, whether that be hot soup or coffee.

4. Be careful when operating machinery in the cold. You have to consider whether the machinery can actual take working in the cold weather. It’s not as strong as you lot.

Overall, working outside in the winter is never going to be fun. But, by doing a few extra things, you can ensure you have a warm cosy Christmas with your family instead of laying in bed ill.

So what do you think? Have you got your own methods for working outside in the cold winter months? Let us know in the comments below.