After leaving her abusive relationship, Cara Brookins and her four children were broke. She couldn’t even afford to buy herself and her children a new home. But she was determined to give her kids a new start. So she decided that instead, they were going to build their very own house.

With no building experience though, Cara had set herself a massive task. So they took to Youtube. In 2008, when the project began, Youtube was much more limited though and there weren’t as many tutorial videos. None of the family had smartphones either, so they couldn’t refer to any tutorials on site.

Therefore, they had to watch the videos the night before and then go out on site the next morning, hoping that they remembered how to do it. Despite their lack of training though, and with Youtube as their only guide, somehow the house still managed to pass every code inspection.

And finally, after nine months of hard work and determination, the family had a five bedroom house to be proud of. The house features a library, workshops, a three car garage and even a two story tree house in the garden!

Cara describes, “building a house was the most difficult challenge we ever faced.”

“We were not only building our home, we were rebuilding our family unit, and rebuilding ourselves, our self confidence.”

Take a look at more of the amazing home here:

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