The ‘Women Into Construction’ Project – Success or Failure?

Back in 2008 an initiative was launched which aimed to increase the numbers of women working in the construction industry.

At that time just 11% of the building workforce was female and of those only a meagre 2% were involved manually with the remainder in office based roles.

The project aimed to address the specific barriers which prevented women entering the construction industry and create a more gender-balanced workforce.

The massive development of the Olympic Park in Stratford, London was the vehicle the project chose to enable women that wanted to get ‘on the tools’ get started. The initiative actively sought to offer training courses aimed at women and then find them relevant industry placements.

Over six years on, the project has been hailed as a success by the Centre for Research in Equality and Diversity (CRED) due to the following key findings:

The percentage of women working on the Olympic site was double the industry average
The project trained over 900 women with more than 450 of these going on to find employment in the industry (50% in manual trades)
The sustained support and guidance provided by the project managers helped women to overcome some of the factors that result in poor retention of females in the industry

Now in 2015 have you seen the legacy of this project on your sites?
What percentage of the industry is now female? Let us know yor views below…