Everyone loves to get a job done as quickly and as efficiently as possible. It means you can move onto the next one! But, sometimes, you hear of some really weird and wacky ways that people go about doing this. So, we decided to take a look at some of the quirkier ways plumbers get the job done. And some of them, well, aren’t necessarily by the book.

1. Pipe wrench extensions.

Do you ever have it where your pipe wrench just isn’t cutting it? And you could do with a longer one? It can be a nightmare when you’re stuck without the tools to do the job. But, with this little hack, plumbers can extend their handles to where they need them. By cutting sections of plastic piping, they can attach them to the wrench giving them more reach.

2. No access trick.

Plumbers can end up in quite a few tough spots. And trying to access certain points can be a nightmare! So, here’s something the odd plumber may do in order to get through a plastic pipe where there’s no access. Using a cord, they can sometimes wrap it around the pipe and use a sawing motion to get through the pipe. It gives a whole new meaning to the term flossing!

3. Carrying sheet goods.

Carrying large sheets of plywood can be a problem for plumbers on site. And, it can be a nightmare if you’ve got other things to carry too. So, sometimes, they may get a little bit creative with how they move things. One way they may do this is with a wrench. They can attach this to the wood and it will serve as a grip. This then allows them to carry things effortlessly from place to place.

4. Tight spot shelf hack.

Along with not having any access, plumbers also tend to end up in quite a lot of tight spots which only just about fit them, never mind all of their tools as well. So, our next hack is all about how they may make sure they have a free hand to get the job done. All they need to do is grab a magnetic spirit level which can act like a little shelf. No more juggling tools!

5. Expansion vessel trick.

Need an expansion vessel but you don’t have one in the van? Well, with this trick there’s no worries. If you drain all of the upstairs heating circuits along with the refill system but leave one radiator unbled, this radiator will work as an expansion vessel for the time being. Of course, it’s only a temporary solution though and will be no match compared to properly fitting a good quality vessel!

So what do you think of this? Have we missed any out? Let us know in the comments below!

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