This heatwave has well and truly hit the UK in full force. And most of us can’t handle it! Is it just me that cannot find a single fan in the shops?

Well, while most of us are out baking in the sun or moaning about how hot it is, the heat is even worse for those working in the industry. Working out in the sun all day on site, it must be torture. Especially for the gingers!

In fact, one particular construction worker was left a bit sore after he fell asleep in the sun. Whilst working on site, he fell asleep in the back of the gaffers truck. That was until he was woken up by a chorus of laughter from his workmates.

As his friend record him, the cameraman describes the worker as an “absolute amateur”, banging on the truck to wake him up. Startled, the worker asks what’s going on before lifting his hand and realising how truly burnt he is. To this, a round of laughter can be heard from his workmates.

Getting out from the bed of the truck, the worker rushes to have a look at his redden state. Left with a handprint on his stomach and a mark from his sunglasses, the worker is described by his mates as looking like Donatello. Wincing, he joins in laughing with his mates at his own state.

Take a look at the full video here:

Don’t worry though, no tradesmen were harmed in the making of this video!

Instead, we hired a very talented makeup artist and actors in order to create this video for Fiat Professional. With loads of debate in the comments as to whether it was real or not, it went down a storm. Viewed by over two million people and shared more than seventeen thousand times, it was safe to say that this one was a success. Just remember to wear your suncream kids!

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