Building sites are often known for their banter. The laughs and the jokes are rated as one of the best parts of working within the industry.

And recently, one worker well and truly fell for a prank on site. He was told to balance an egg on his head for as long as possible. However, what he wasn’t aware of though was that the egg had actually been superglued onto his head!

To begin with, the worker is captured messing around, even referencing his ‘chicken wings’, balancing on one leg and laughing along with his workmates. Then, he begins to walk around the site, even climbing up onto a digger. One of his workmates remarked: “f*cking hell you can work all day with that!”

As the worker begins to climb up onto the digger though, he states “it’s wobbling, I can feel it.”

Unlikely that’s happening mate…

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However, after successfully mounting the machine, the worker is able to drive around the site with the egg still firmly stuck to his head. The worker is asked by one of his workmates to pick up a full bucket of sand. However, he soon realises, as the digger jolts forward, that he is being pranked.

To remove it, the worker tries to pull the egg off and push it away with a shovel. This doesn’t work though, and the construction worker throws down the shovel. One of his workmates exclaims, laughing, “I told you you’d be able to work with it on your head all day.”

The worker in question doesn’t feel the same though, laughing along he finally finds some scissors and removes the egg.

Viewers loved seeing this too with one user remarking that it was “absolutely eggcelent, using a shovel to get it off with was a cracking idea. Least he can take a yolk.”

Take a look at the ‘eggcelent’ footage here:

So what do you think? Have you done anything similar on site? Let us know in the comments below.

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