A construction firm has recently been fined £500,000 after a worker was run over by a truck on site. This accident resulted in serious damage to the worker’s leg in which he eventually needed it amputated.

The incident occurred on a housing development at Burntwood Business Park. An investigation into the accident found that several trucks were delivering materials to the site at the time of the incident. There, multiple ground-workers were directing the trucks as to where they needed to go. Unfortunately, it was at this point that the construction worker was hit.

Walking along a temporary haul road, the worker was hit by one of the trucks. He suffered broken bones in both legs and feet. Not only that, but he also suffered severe damage to the blood vessels in his legs too. As a result, his right leg had to be amputated to the knee.

After an investigation by the Health and Safety Executive, it was ruled that there was insufficient protected walkways on site. Alongside this, they also stated that there was no real control over access to the site either. Therefore, they issued Birmingham contractors MV Kelly with a hefty six figure fine!

After pleading guilty to breaching health and safety regulations too, the company were also ordered to pay £30,000 in fines. After the hearing, HSE inspector Katherine Blunt stated: “Incidents like this should never be allowed to take place.”

“Construction sites should be organised in a way which prevents pedestrians and vehicles coming into contact with each other.”

“This incident resulted in a worker sustaining life-changing injuries and should serve as a reminder to principal contractors of the need to properly organise construction sites to keep workers and members of the public safe.”

There have been incidents where the public haven’t been kept safe from construction sites too. One report described how a passerby was killed due to an unfortunate mistake on site. Take a look at the full report here.

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Source: www.expressandstar.com

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