From electrician to gas engineer, Ben Kuchta of Quantic Corporation Limited is now saving lives with his groundbreaking invention, Project Soter. This is a device aimed at saving lives by automatically turning off faulty gas appliances in response to the activation of a carbon monoxide (CO) alarm.

At the start, Ben worked as an electrician before retraining as a gas technician. From there, he set up his own gas and heating business. Initially, Ben started out servicing and repairing gas appliances before moving on to boiler installations. But soon after, he heard about a number of carbon monoxide incidents across the Midlands.

Therefore, he decided to volunteer for Gas Safety Week in 2012 to raise awareness about the dangers of CO. During this time, he met a number of people that had been directly affected by carbon monoxide poisoning. Ben stated: “it was at this point, I wanted to do something about it and I needed to figure out a way of stopping the production of CO before it was too late”.

Whilst working as a gas technician, Ben spent months learning more about control systems, electronics, software, CO symptoms and engineering principles. From this, he was able to come up with the concept of a device that could turn off dangerous gas appliances in response to the activation of a CO alarm.

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In order to prove the concept worked, Ben purchased an electronics development kit. Then, he began building on his own knowledge and understanding of electronics and programming. From here Ben then created his own, intelligent sensor and incorporated it into the device. This allowed it to learn high-frequency alarm signals, store them to memory and then turn off the dangerous appliance in an emergency.

Feeling confident, Ben filed for a patent in the UK before moving on to the US. Currently, it is patented in both countries, with Europe soon to follow.

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Ben stated: “over the years, I’ve dealt with many dangerous gas appliances. As a registered gas engineer, I have created a solution to protect consumers from CO poisoning.”

But Ben isn’t going to stop here either. He wants to continue to help people with other protection devices he has in the pipeline and has support from British manufacturer Synthotech Ltd.

Ben will be showcasing Project Soter at Installer Live 2017. This will take place at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry between the 9th – 11th May. For more information visit

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