Apparently, one construction worker from Canada has shot his boss twice, after being laid off by the company.

The worker was laid off back in 2015. His boss, Jason Johnston, felt he was unable to keep up with the workload. However, he wanted to ensure that worker William Hawkins would qualify for unemployment insurance. Therefore, he decided to ‘lay him off’ instead of firing him.

However, for Hawkins, this act was “the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

He drove over to the site, and whilst the workers were on their way to a meeting, began firing at his boss. Some of the bullets missed Johnston but one, unfortunately, tore through his right arm. After that, another broke a rib and punctured his liver.

The workers though rushed to help their boss. One worker apparently sprinted towards Hawkins and tackled him to the ground whilst another drove a vehicle in between the victim and the shooter to prevent any more injury.

When in court, Hawkins pleaded guilty to the charges of “unlawful use of a firearm” and attempted murder. He admitted to the detectives though that he hadn’t planned to stop at his boss. Instead, he actually planned to kill himself afterwards. Apparently, this was because he had been bullied his entire life.

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