Construction worker Rob Smith recently captured a trip with his son, teaching him all about working within the construction industry. He began by waking young Tommy in the early hours of the morning.

He stated: “wakey, wakey mate. You’ve got work today. Come on.”

“You’ve got to earn those Christmas presents somehow, bud.”

Tommy claimed though “it can’t be morning because it’s still dark outside.”

To which his dad responded: “you’ve got a lot to learn, son.”

Tommy, still half asleep, manages to get himself dressed though and ventures down the stairs. In the van on the way to the site though, it is clear how tired he is. Staring blankly back at his dad, he is given a mini hard hat and hi-vis, his dad claiming, “obviously I couldn’t take you to work and not be safe.”

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His dad then also offers him some advice too. Rob claims: “should you see a good looking girl, you wind that window down and shout, ‘Oi, oi’.”

To this, Tommy continues to stare blankly back at his father. This soon changes though. By the end of the video, it is clear from the smile on his face that he has enjoyed his time on site.

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Not only that, but users watching the video also enjoyed it too. One person described: “I remember when I was that age, working with dad was super!”

Another described he had done something similar with his son. Posting a picture of his proud little boy, James Finnie stated: “learn them young.”

“My son loved going to work with me. Earned himself £20 too.”

Take a look at the video here:

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