Recently, a construction worker has been rescued from a trench, alive! This was after a three-hour rescue in which the worker was trapped under a slab of concrete.

He was a part of a team who were excavating a line of copper cable. This was until the side of the wall suddenly gave way and the trench collapsed. It happened so quickly though, that the worker was still clutching his spade in hands.

He was trapped face down with a pillar pinning his legs to the ground, preventing him from escaping. Therefore, the emergency services were rushed in. To rescue the worker, the police and firefighters had to climb into the unstable pit with him.

They then used a crane to slightly raise the concrete slab. The firefighters and police then used anything they had at their disposal to try and free the worker’s feet. They frantically dug with spades, trowels and their hands in an effort to free him.

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Then, finally, after three hours, the worker was free and rushed to the hospital. A spokesperson claimed: “while the patient was entrapped he was classified as being in a critical condition.”

“To our amazement, when he emerged he did not have a single fracture. Only scrapes and bruises.”

“He is a very lucky man.”

Take a look at part of the rescue here:

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Source: www.timeslive.co.za

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