64% of construction workers state that they want better support for both their mental and physical health on site.

According to the new report by Westfield Health, 35% believe that a portion of National Insurance should be set aside for the improvement of wellbeing. Alongside this, 65% also stated that they felt the NHS doesn’t have enough money either. Especially when it comes to wellbeing!

Consequently, 52% added that the government should be doing more to promote wellbeing. 35% also stated that their employers should do more too. And, 64% added that they would use wellbeing services if they were made available.

The Commercial Director of Westfield Health described: “The total number of UK working days lost to stress, anxiety and depression resulting from long working hours is 12.5million days.”

“Therefore, it makes sense for employers to relieve some of the pressure through wellbeing initiatives.”

And that’s not all, 48% of construction workers are also reported to lose sleep due to stress. And, almost 70% suffer from the ‘Sunday night blues’ too. Take a look at the reasons behind this here.

The Commercial Director continued, “Not only would they be supporting our economy, they’ll make huge cost savings by looking after their staff’s health, with presenteeism now costing businesses up to three times more than absenteeism.”

“From sleep to nutrition and mental health to physical fitness, there are so many elements that contribute to your overall wellness, happiness and healthiness.”

“In particular, mental health conditions are a major issue in the construction industry, leaving workers there in body, but not in mind.”

“When workers’ minds aren’t completely on the job it can potentially lead to costly mistakes and accidents.”

“As business leaders, we need to create a culture where our people’s health and wellbeing is prioritised to drive confidence, capability, inspiration and ultimately prosperity.”

Overall, it’s not just physical wellbeing that needs to be considered on site. Mental illness has also been found to impact thousands of people across the country. So much so, that some had even considered a career change because of it. Take a look at this story here.

But what do you think? Does more need to be done about wellbeing on site? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Source: www.constructionglobal.com

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