Pretty much everyone in the UK has lost someone or has known someone that has suffered from cancer. Statistically, one in two people will suffer from the illness in their lifetime!

And for those who don’t, they could end up watching someone close to them suffer. When that happens, all anyone wants to do is help. But there’s only so much you can do.

Last year, ground worker Owen Lewis watched a good work friend of his lose his battle with cancer. On his birthday, he went to visit his friend in hospital. But a few weeks later, he was gone. Now, Owen is also having to watch his grandmother battle lung cancer. She has now been hospitalised and Owen is having to struggle through this time with someone he loves dearly.

He describes, “it has got to be one of the worst things I have ever seen.”

“I hope no one else has ever got to see it or go through it.”

In a bid to raise money for Cancer Research UK, Owen, supported by his company V.P. Lewis Groundworks Ltd, will be climbing Mount Everest. His target is to reach the base camp. However, he is fully funding the trip himself. Therefore, he needs a bit of help.

He needs to raise £10,000 and would therefore appreciate all of the help he can get. He wants to do all he can to help raise money and get rid of cancer once and for all.

“Let’s keep our friends and family with us and help people get through it!”

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