In 2014, twenty-nine-year-old Jason Narraway was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Synovial Sarcoma which only occurs in 1-3 people per million.

Initially, the cancer started in his right thigh and it took eighteen months for doctors to make a diagnosis. Within a week though, Jason was having a major operation to remove the tumour on his leg. Following that, he underwent thirty-five sessions of radiotherapy and six months worth of chemotherapy.

The National House Building Council worker describes: “I became someone I didn’t recognise.”

The chemotherapy that he was being subject to was so strong though, that it eventually had to be stopped as Jason developed a heart condition from it. After a few months though, Jason began to get things back together and his strength was growing day by day. It all looked good. That was until he went back to the doctors. It was there that he was told that his cancer had come back. This time, in his lungs.

So, Jason had more surgery to remove the tumours. This left him struggling to breathe but as time went on, this once again got better. However, he faced the same fate as before. His cancer had come back again. After more and more operations, in total Jason, had twenty-eight tumours removed.

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He wouldn’t let this ordeal stop his life though. He proposed to his girlfriend and got married to the love of his life. And after six months, everything was looking positive and his scans were all coming back clear. However, in March of this year, Jason was told that his cancer was back. And this time, he couldn’t have an operation to remove the tumours. They were too close to the main blood vessels, so Jason’s only option was chemotherapy. This treatment was not guaranteed to help though. Instead, he would be bounced between different types of chemotherapy with the hope that one would be able to reduce the tumours.

But then, Jason found out about a new medical trial in Florida. After further tests, he was found to be a match for the trial. However, there was a big catch. The T Cell Immunology he desperately needed cost £50,000. An amount Jason and his family cannot afford to pay.

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Therefore, they are asking for some help. Jason describes: “I hate to ask people to help me as I am very proud but I need to realise my pride doesn’t matter anymore.”

“I have to do what I have to do to survive and live a long and happy life with everyone around me that I love and that loves me.”

“I have the best wife, parents, sister, family and friends who have been the best throughout this time in my life and I am going to do this for them.”

“Please, can you help me reach the required amount of £50,000 so that I can continue to be a pain, be a joker, be the loving, happy go lucky person I am for now and in years to come.”

So if you can help Jason, head over to his gofundme page now. Or, express your support in the comments below.

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