For most construction workers, health and safety pretty much restrict everything you do. You can’t even work without your hard hat on!

Well, on this site, the health and safety officer would more than likely have a heart attack if they saw how these tradesmen were working. In China, these tradesmen literally risk their lives every day.

A video has recently emerged of these workers in action. Most are in their fifties and risk their lives daily on this site. To get there, they have to scale up a cliff to the 5,577 feet high work site.

They are working to construct a see through walkway. However, to do this workers have to make their way across wooden scaffolding that is bolted to the rock. These planks are at awkward angles and the drop below can also be seen through the large gaps between them.

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Carrying logs, one worker is captured walking across the contraption. His only health and safety measures are a hard hat and a rope tied around his waist. Apart from that, there is a lack of safety precautions seen anywhere else.

One worker, when asked how he walks along these risky planks though simply stated: “I’m used to it.”

Take a look at the footage here:

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