The ‘peel and steal’ method of breaking into vans is now allowing thieves to steal thousands of pounds worth of tools in just a few seconds!

Within one of these jobs, thieves use their knees to apply pressure to the van doors. Then, they are able to easily pull the top of the doors down. This then provides them with access into the van and the tools kept inside. Within a few minutes, they are able to clear out an entire van!

According to campaigners though, this type of theft is apparently taking place at least 5 times a day in the UK. One campaigner describes, “people have described it like peeling a banana or opening a tin of sardines.”

“It means they can go round without any tools to break into vans so if they get caught they can’t get done for being equipped.”

“There is a serious weakness to these vans – you can just peel down the doors even when they are locked, and it can be done by anybody.”

Take a look at the ‘peel and steal’ method here:

The number of tool thefts that are taking place up and down the country though are now reaching epidemic proportions.

Take a look at one electrician’s story here. He had £8,000 of equipment stolen by thieves and the police did nothing!

Apparently though, Ford vans are the main targets for this type of crime. In response to this, Ford stated that they take “vehicle security seriously and invests heavily in the security solutions that are built into our vehicles to deter theft.”

“We are constantly learning about the latest techniques used to gain access, and whether there are additional enhancements we can make to Ford vehicles.”

Workers have decided to take a stand against this type of theft though. You can take a look at what they have planned here.

But what do you think of this? Have you had your tools stolen? Or do you know someone who has? Let us know in the comments below!


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