A new guide has argued that out of work young people could be one of the keys to help with the skills shortage.

Currently, there is the fear that the construction industry will lose a mass amount of forgeign workers with Britain leaving the EU. Consequently, recommendations have been made that this issue could be solved with young people who are out of work.

A coalition of major businesses have drawn up a new guide with the aim to encourage businesses to hire employees young. Whether this is through an apprenticeship programme or a different specialist scheme.

And, this could prove worthwhile too. In fact, 500,000 people aged 16-24 are currently looking for work and not in any form of education or training. Perfect for them to join the industry!

Within the guide, it also lays out how employers could possibly target those with ‘non-traditional backgrounds’ or ‘barriers’ preventing them from working. For example, 40% of the 500,000 unemployed young people come from homes where nobody in the household works.

Not only that, but additional research has found that tradespeople are actually more likely to gain work if they have an apprentice. The study found that a whopping 50% of homeowners would be more likely to hire a tradesperson if they employ an apprentice. Take a look at the full report on this here.

The Chief Executive of the Berkeley Group stated: “People ask us, why recruit someone who might not be an easy fit?”

“The answer is, these young adults bring a whole new dimension to our business and we need different kinds of talent, not just more of the same.”

So what do you lot think of this? A good idea? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

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